120924 Super Junior SS4 Japan DVD Live Screening Event- Transcripts

  • Eunhyuk: Because the promotions for our 6th album have come to an end, we've been engaging in our own activites. So before this, the members had a break. I went on a vacation to Greece together with Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, and had many beautiful memories.
  • Donghae: I also went on vacation, into all of your hearts. Everyone's hearts are filled with love, I'm really very happy.
  • Kyuhyun: We actually asked Donghae to come along with us for our vacation, but why did you insist on going alone?
  • Eunhyuk: Donghae, do you hate us?
  • Donghae: I course I don't hate you... I really wanted to go together, but the other members have been on trips alone before, so this time I wanted to try going alone too...But I regret now.
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  • Eunhyuk: Kangin, today is the Super Show 4 DVD's premiere screening event, but you didn't participate this time... So I really don't know why you're appearing here?
  • Kangin: I didn't know that today was actually the DVD premiere event, I thought I was here to participate in my musical's encore, because it has ended. Truthfully...I don't know why I'm here either (laughs). Since I didn't participate in the stage performances this time, I'm here as a fan. Perhaps I should sit in the audience. (laughs)
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  • Kyuhyun: I think that Kyuhyun's solo stage was excellent. It's totally the best four minutes of Super Show.
  • (Editor's note: Because Kyuhyun was praising himself so much, so Ryeowook said..)
  • Ryeowook: But.. Why does it feel like the ELFs here are giggling when you say it like that? (laughs)
  • Kyuhyun: Truthfully, at that time I wanted to use Changmin's popularity, so I asked him so appear in the VCR. But in the end the cheers for him were even louder that when I came out, so I immediately regretted (laughs). I won't want to repeat this mistake a second time (laughs).
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  • Eunhyuk: Everyone, when watching the Super Show DVD, please recall the scenes during the actual concert. We also hope to see all of you soon during Super Show 5!
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  • chinese t/n: NEWMOON (only the dialogue parts were translated)
  • translated to English by @kikiikyu